NEW SERIES! Scotland on Screen

What’s that, Mel? Her Medieval Scotland has a new series of posts coming soon? Tell me more!

I am eager to announce an exciting group of articles coming in February/March 2018 to Her Medieval Scotland. One of the first ways I came into contact with history was through film and TV, and I think this will be the same for many of my readers. Medieval Scotland has captivated directors, screenwriters and audiences alike for almost as long as film has existed. Unsurprisingly, there have been countless adaptations of the lives of Scottish heroes and villains over the years, and I am making it my mission to introduce you to the good, the bad and the most downright hilarious versions ever to grace the big and small screen.

Without further ado, the first in the series of four posts will go live on Thursday 8th Feb, and will be dedicated to… MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS!


I am very excited for this post in particular; I find Mary to be one of the most fascinating characters in Scottish history, and there is a wealth of varied performances out there and screenplays dedicated to all aspects of her life.

The topics of the following three posts will be revealed at a later date.

Get excited folks! Speak to you soon.


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