I’m Sally, masters student and freelance blogger of medieval Scottish history. Born and raised in County Durham in the north-east of England, growing up I was blessed with numerous trips to nearby Durham Cathedral, Lindisfarne and Fountains Abbey among many other beautiful sites. The fond memories I have of warm summer afternoons spent lying on the grass in the knave of a ruined cathedral, or on a beach looking out towards Holy Island, formed the foundations of my love for medieval British history. Ever since my childhood spent devouring historical fantasy-fiction and Horrible Histories magazine, I’ve wanted to write about my favourite subject. To that end, I completed my MA in History from The University of Edinburgh in July 2017 and in September of that year moved to St Andrews to take up a scholarship offer and pursue a one-year postgraduate degree in Medieval History there.

Most of my days are spent in the research library practicing my Latin or the special collections spending more time than any oneperson should with centuries-old manuscripts. But of course, living in one of the most beautiful corners of Scotland, I also find time to visit heritage sites for blog post inspiration and critique historical drama and fiction (the latter mostly done over a pint in the pub with good friends).

Inside Her Medieval Scotland

The blog was born in September 2017 after much encouragement from friends and colleagues who finally convinced me to commit my many observations to print. It’s name relates to two key points: one, the content you can expect to find here. Stories from a millennium of Scottish history and beyond that I personally find fascinating and love sharing with you; and two, that history, particularly medieval history, has for the most part been told by male voices, both past and present. I am inspired by writers and presenters such as Prof. Mary Beard and Dr. Helen Castor to make it so that Her Medieval Scotland offers its readers an alternative perspective on Scotland’s past; you can also expect to find posts which address these stories from feminist and LGBTQ+ viewpoints.

Where’s it all heading?

After completing my degree, my aim is to work in Scottish heritage or broadcasting to create and promote exciting new content on Scotland’s past. At the same time I am committed to building and developing Her Medieval Scotland and exploring other means of content sharing including Instagram Live. I am always on the look-out to connect with, learn from and work alongside other content creators. See the contact me section for more information on how to get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by!